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Extra security trick

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Not sure if this trick has been posted somewhere or not, but this is something I do to make passwordmaker even more secure.
When I set up my password  at the webpage I let it generate my password as normal, but then I manually type in an extra character. By doing this, even if someone were to learn my secret master password and gain access to passwordmaker they would not know what the extra secret character is and be able to log in to pages.

 Also, if you were to share passwordmaker with another person on a computer and they are given the master password  for convenence so they can access shared accounts, you can use this method for any special accounts that  only you want to have access to.

Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
Interesting. Nice little trick you have there.

Eric H. Jung:
Very nice. Good thinking!!

That's a nice way. I wouldn't give my master password to anyone, though. I'd have a different master password for shared accounts, probably.

Talking about changing/adding characters, I used to have 'snippets' of little passwords which are easy to remember (like th1 or 59 or WILL) and for different sites I use some of them in a different order. In my password manager I'd only store the first letter of each snippet, it'd look like t**W***5* and I'd know which snippet I used in which order, in case I forgot. I wouldn't forget the snippets, though. Someone getting access to the password manager wouldn't know that my password would be th1WILL59.

Wow... excellent idea! Added to the short list - thanks owlbebak...


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