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Multiple Accounts
« on: April 23, 2006, 02:22:08 PM »
Good morning.  For some of my logins, I need multiple accounts with the same credentials.  Now then, when I log in to the first page, I need to pick which of my user accounts I want to log in with to supply my user name.  Then, I get to the second page, I need to supply my password.  So, I'll pick the account with the same user name, as I did on the first page.

To illustrate, here is the basic setup:
Code: [Select]
acct1: U: xya, P: mny
acct2: U: abz, P: opz
U: being supplied on the first page, which P is being needed on the second page.

I do not know how often this happens to other people, as this only happens for one of my online accounts, but would it be a good idea to have PM know which account I chose on the first page?

What do you guys think ?
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Multiple Accounts
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2006, 01:12:33 PM »

Well, I haven't run across this yet, but I can see the value if you have an account that behaves this way.

Maybe there would be a relatively easy way to 'cascade' or 'link' accounts, so that you could define one as 'secondary' to another

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Multiple Accounts
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2006, 01:37:56 PM »
I think the multiple when URL contains FR covers this issue.
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Multiple Accounts
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2006, 11:30:18 PM »
I have a B of A account as well and so that I don't have to choose which account on the opening page (non sitekey page) I just create an account where I have the auto-populate set to fill in the username (and state in case the cookie is gone) then when the sitekey page opens it asks for the password (if I haven't already input the MP) or simply puts it on the page.  

I like this method as it's clean for me...


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Multiple Accounts
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