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Feature Request List for Command-Line Edition

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Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
Updated for 1.4

I would like a feature that checks on /etc/passwordmaker.conf too, so on Linux the settings are global instead of user specific.

More information on how to build the configuration file would be handy too :)


Please register if you would like to vote for a Feature... Guests are welcome to ask questions or make comments, but only registered users can vote for Features.

Sorry, hope you understand...

Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
Building the configuration file is as easy as exporting from the Firefox Extension. :P

The command-line edition in it's current state was always meant to be a companion version to the Firefox Edition. Maybe I should think about a way to use it by itself one day and make a fork (for a version 2.0 release really) in which it's designed to be used by itself, and with the Firefox extension's RDF (and Desktop Edition's xml) format. What do you guys think? If we go through with it, think about a user using on a SSH (or telnet, or something like it) session.

Weird... I don't know why I read that as a vote for a FR... I guess because someone else voted twice as a Guest...



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