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I think this is a great software. Thanks for your hard work.
I find it sort of difficult to get started without having to read through most part of the manual. So I wrote a quick setup guide according to my own experience.
I hope it helps.
If anything I stated was not correct, please let me know so I can change accordingly.

here we go:

Hi shinjan,

Cool, thanks!

We definitely need to update the User Manual, and a 'QuickStart' guide is a great idea. I wish I knew HTML (or XML) better, or I'd do it myself.

Eric H. Jung:
Hi shinjan22,

Thanks for the great work. We should link to your page from the main PasswordMaker site. I've been thinking of adding a "Links" page which links to external resources having to do with PasswordMaker (like yours).

Anyone have ideas where in the navigation bar it should be?


How about changing the 'Manual' link to 'Documentation', and then have 'Quick Setup Guide' and 'Manual' as sub-links?

Eric H. Jung:
That sounds good. Now to find the time to do it...


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