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Well i've got firefox and i downloaded this extension b/c it sounded pretty cool.  But very confused as to how it works.  I put in a "master password" and i understand that it makes up it's own passwords.

But how do i log into the sites that require passwords from me, with that password?  i have several log-ins and different passwords.  How is this thing suppost to work if it doesn't even use the right password?

I don't want to change any of my passwords and i thought it said it can autofill the passwords in for me, as well as other forms.  but i'm confused as to how i make it all work.

Any help please.


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Hi Chris,

Firstly, welcome to the world of PWM! The most incredibly useful piece of s/w I've come across online in a long time. For anyone who has a lot of online accounts, it is a godsend, and gets better all the time.

It would probably be a very good idea to 'read all about it' first - the Manual is a good place to start, and the FAQ is another good place to quickly find answers to questions and concerns.

The precise answer to your question can be found on this page, but I'll summarize it for you...

Normally, yes, you want to *change* your site passwords to ones that are generated by PWM, because they are the most secure - no one will be able to guess them *or* crack them, even using very sophisticated tools (well, nothing is *impossible*, but as longas you take reasonable precautions with your RDF file & your local computer you'll be fine).

There is a way to force PWM to use your current passwords, though, but I only recommend doing this until you get familiar with PWM. Its strength lies not in its ability to auto-populate forms (ala roboform - although that is coming very soon, from hints Eric has been dropping), but in the secure nature of its passwords, and the fact that it doesn't *store* them anywhere.

There is a thread here that explains how to tell PWM to use a specific password chosen by you for a specific site.

Have fun getting to know PWM - it will be worth it!


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