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When you have two logins at the same website, where the is the same, but one is and the other one is, as in Parent login and student login, specify the entire string shown above in italic, as opposed to just for two of the account specific settings and you won't get a pop up asking you to choose which one to log into.

Eric H. Jung:
I wish I understood that one :)  Maybe it's because it's so late...

Eric, after you've had your morning coffee, give it another try.  It is really quite elementary.    :lol:

I'm not sure I understand either...

Romeo, can you point to a site that provides different pages for logins like this? Maybe I need to wait for my morning coffee too...

Example would be invisionfree forums (The same forums used here).  Forums that do not forward their address (which is why you see the URL here) all use are their URL (i.e. If you sign up for multiple forums and only use the domain, each time you login you are asked which account to choose from.  Romeo is saying to put more information in the When URL contains field to avoid this (i.e. etc.)


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