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Minimumizing PWM . . .


Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

Just found a method of keeping your PWM open, but; appears to be in an ICONized state.

Move your mouse to the oposite corner, from the 'X' box to close, where the 'double headed arrow' shows.  Hold the left mouse down and drag it to the point you would like, I take it all the way to the 'TitleBar'and the 'X' box to close it.  Then you  move it to the area of the upper/top right title bar of whatever progy you have open.  Proceed with whatever you have to do and when you need it, do the 'Alt+Tab' and it will be back and you can use the 'Ctrl+`' and it will either open the 'BasicOptions' or 'AdvancedOptions' which will be the oposite of what you minimumized it with.  With the title there all you would have to do is drag it back open.


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