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ability to change master password without loss
« on: October 09, 2005, 01:32:37 AM »
Right now, if you change the Master PassWord, all passwords change along with it - makes sense, given how PM makes passwords from the MPW and other settings.

But that means I can't change my MPW without a lot of work - I have to change passwords everywhere to use the new MPW-generated password.

Since I have a moderately unsecure MPW, I'd like to change it - but there's a *lot* of incentive not to because it's a lot of work.

For the same reason, there's incentive not to regularly change the MPW.

How about an option to change the MPW without losing all the currently-generated passwords?

One way it could work is:

PM would iterate through all the accounts, generate the password with the old MPW, and store it as a pre-determined password (in the soon-to-be-added (?) "static password" field), so that password isn't lost - after all, that's the one the web site is set to use.

It would mark a flag indicating that this account needs to be changed to the new MPW-generated password.  (The next time the account is used, and the old password entered at the web site, a popup could alert the user to change to the new password)

Then the user enters the new MPW.

(uh, actually the user enters the new MPW and accepts it, then all the old MPW stuff happens - so the user can cancel the new MPW without all the other work happening)

An alternative method:

An alternative would be to keep *two* (or more) MPWs, and each account remembers which MPW is active for that account.  (and ideally reminds as above to change the web site to the newest-MPW-generated password)

That might be a much better way to do it, I think...

Regardless, I think that there needs to be some way to change the MPW without having to go change every account manually.   (I've got some 100 or so passwords that I'll be rolling into PM - that's a lot to change if I need/want to change my MPW...

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ability to change master password without loss
« on: October 09, 2005, 01:32:37 AM »