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Feature Request List for Yahoo! Widget

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What Is This?
This topic contains a list of all features requested for the Passwordmaker for the Yahoo! Widget Engine (Previously Konfabulator) since this forum began. If you'd like to add a feature to this list, please post a new topic in this forum (instead of replying to this topic). We'll discuss the request and, after we understand it, gladly add it to this list. Most anything within reason can be requested.

Each feature request has a vote tally next to it. This is a count of the number of people who have voted for that request. Everyone can vote for up to 3 requests at a time. When one of your requests has been implemented, you can re-assign that vote to another request. You may not vote more than once for a feature.  Requests with the most votes are likely to be implemented first, although requests which are very easily to implement are often given higher priority than their vote count would suggest.

If you would like to know more about one of these features, click on it to go to the original topic that the feature was requested in.  If it wasn't requested in these forums, it is noted.  If you still don't understand a feature, feel free to ask about it in that topic (or in this topic if the request was by some other means).

You don't have to be registered to vote!
Guests are encouraged to vote; but please don't spam this topic up with votes. :)

The List
* 2 - Support for accounts
Tyrantmizar, miquelfireCompleted Features
These features are completed and are here primarily as a reference.
* / - Scalable widget (1.2)
* / - Go to URL from Widget (1.2)
* / - Timer to clear Master Password (1.2)
* / - Settings (not MPW) revert to defaults after a specified amount of time. (1.2)
* / - Reset button to return character set to default (1.2)

I'm voting for the following:
* Timer to clear Master Password
* Scalable widget
* Support for accounts

Pin this topic, would you Eric?

Or make me a moderator, but that isn't that necessary.

Eric H. Jung:
Isn't Character set is saved already done? You said once you upgraded Konfabulator it worked for you. It's always worked for me; I was never able to reproduce that problem...

Oops.  You're right.


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