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Greetings! This Forum is for sharing your PM (PasswordMaker) Tips & Tricks. Some of you have found creative ways in which to use PasswordMaker - ways the authors themselves didn't even think of! Others of you have found and solved bugs or problems on your own. We'd love to hear those tales here.

I'll try to keep the decriptions short and sweet, with a link to the original post for details. Feel free to reply to any of the individual posts to 'vote' for adding it to this list if it isn't already here.

1. 'Defaults' vs. Custom Accounts - When & How
A detailed tip on how and when to use the 'Defaults' settings, and when/why to create and use a Custom Account for any particular site.

2. Super Security Tip/Trick
As discussed in detail here, but originated here: how to prevent someone who somehow gets their hands on *both* your Master Password *and* your RDF file from being able to determine your account passwords - great tip, thanks owlbebak and Thibros!

3. Convert FireFox Password Manager Passwords
Manual method for converting passwords saved in FireFox's Password Manager over to those generated by PASSWORDMAKER (thanks to Tyrantmizar)

4. Multiple Logins for single domain with different sub-directories


The following are Tips that used to be in The List, but have been obsoleted by new, native Passwordmaker functionality..[*]/ - Manually Synchronize PM RDF file via FTP (windows only?) (obsoleted by version 1.?)
This is a manual way to keep your PM settings synchronized between different computers/profiles. Direct support for this is planned for a future version. (thanks to quixin)
[*]/ - Save Custom Password for an Account/Site (obsoleted by version 1.?)
This simply lets you manually specify a Password for an Account/Site *other* than the one PM generates automatically. (thanks to quixin)
[*]/ - Command-line PasswordMaker (script) (windows and *nix versions available here as of (date?)
... until the true command-line version is released. (submitted via email by Pete S.)[/list]

Eric H. Jung:

Can we update (1), (2), and (3)? There're not really necessary anymore because:

1. PasswordMaker support FTP natively now
2. PasswordMaker supports user-defined passwords as of version 1.5, and even stores them encrypted (unlike the tip/trick posted here)
3. There is a command-line version for windows and *nix now.

p.s. I think just striking through (like this) the tip/trick with a reason why would be sufficient--no need to delete them!

Can you point me to the new feature that replaces #2

Thank you.

Eric H. Jung:
Hi benwaynet,

Go to Account Settings->Advanced Auto-Populate and set "field type" to password:

(Click to enlarge)


--- Quote from: Eric H. Jung ---Hi benwaynet,

Go to Account Settings->Advanced Auto-Populate and set "field type" to password:

(Click to enlarge)

--- End quote ---


I think it's easier to use the original workaround.
# Put your current password in the Prefix field
# Change the Generated Password Length field to the length of your current password

It's fewer steps and easier to change - the main downside, I believe, is that the password is not encrypted - or am I wrong about that?

Question: if you did use the Advanced Auto-Populate and set the "field type" to password, is this more secure than the original workaround?



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