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how does this work with something like surfing or privoxy ?  I was never able to anonymously surf and use roboform at the same time maybe you can help out here?

Also - note the roboform form -filling algorithms are very sophisticated - rather than try to duplicate them - i'd suggest trying to work with them to replace their inhouse password generator feature.

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Hi Kimo,

PasswordMaker works with Anonymizer and Privoxy.

Let's take Yahoo! mail as an example. Assuming you want the same password for and (the URL used when you go to Yahoo! Mail through Anonymizer), here's what you should do:

1. Go to the Advanced Options dialog
2. Create a new account
3. In the When URL Contains field, type
4. In the Use This URL field, type

That's it! Now whenever you navigate to any url with (e.g., or, the same password is generated for both.

Hope that helps,

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