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Difference between PasswordMaker and "Password Maker X 2

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Dear All - I am a new user of this very elegant solution about passwords - Password Maker. I tried it on 3-4 websites and found it very helpful. However, I am confused whether "Password Maker" and "Password Maker X 2.0.3" by emersion is the same and equally safe to use. I tried both for one website and two different passwords were generated. While the "Password Maker X 2.0.3" by emersion was last updated on February 8, 2016, the "PasswordMaker" was last updated on August 20, 2010 (quite backdated).

Which one should I use and why?

Please give your valuable opinions.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all,


Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
I haven't used the one by emersion, but does it allow you to change how the passwords are generated? It's possible the defaults are not the same, or you alter one of the two.

Thanks for your reply. It does allow to change the way passwords are generated through options menu.

I've never heard of Passwordmaker X...

Miguel - do you know the origins? He references passwordmaker.org website in the Addon home page.

Is this just an updated/modified Passwordmaker? Or a total rewrite? Or what?

Ok, found a thread asking the same question and it is not related in any way, it was created by a former PWM user who wanted something more user friendly:


Personally, I've been wanting to learn some basic programming so I could do a total rewrite myself.

Miguel - do you have any suggestions for what would be the best modern language to learn to accomplish this?



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