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Profiles in Opera using javascript 2.5


Where are profiles stored by js 2.5 version using Opera? 

Opera 12.16 saves PasswordMaker profiles fine (but I can't find them).  Using Opera 15/16 to open the same passwordmaker-javascript-2.5.html file I can create a password but profiles are not saved and previously saved profiles are not found.  So I am trying to sort out why.  The PM html file is in its own directory separate from any Opera directory.  Deleting W7 passwordmaker cookies had no effect.

Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
It's stored in a cookie.

There's two cookies that will exists, profileList and globalPrefs

The other cookies will depend on profileList.

--- Quote ---Deleting W7 passwordmaker cookies had no effect.
--- End quote ---

What's W7?


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