Author Topic: New Profile, No E-mail Address for Amazon (Fixed Itself, Apparently)  (Read 9597 times)

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I cannot figure this out: In my older Firefox8.0 profile, when I go to Amazon/Your Account/Your Orders, my E-mail address and password are entered by PWM.

In my newer profile, the E-mail address fails to enter. The PWM .rdf file was copied directly from the older profile to the newer one, several other sites allow me to log-on using PWM, but not Amazon. It is certainly possible that there are other sites that don't work with PWM in the newer profile, but I've not found any.

The problem is not caused by other extensions, as I've run with only PWM and Add-on Compatibility Reporter running. I've tried entering my E-mail address into Advanced Auto-Populate for my Amazon entry in PWM, but that does not work.

I'm unable to figure out what is blocking my E-mail address through PWM when trying to log on to; suggestions, incantations, potions, and/or other means of fixing the problem welcome.

A bit later: I just remembered that this worked yesterday afternoon. Truly weird (no, not me, the Amazon problem...).

A bit later still: Configurable CoolKey will not enter the e-mail address, which is in PWM (and which I replaced earlier to see if that would fix the problem.)

It is now the next morning. Out of curiosity, I just tried logging on to Amazon again, and found that my  e-mail address was properly inserted  I shall likely never know why, using my older Firefox profile, this worked yesterday, but did not work with my newer profile, yet today, with my having made no changes, it now works with my newer profile.
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