Author Topic: Calculated URL: change the 'Use the following text...' text box to a checkbox  (Read 17259 times)

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Hi there,

regarding to the following threads there already is discussion about having the "calculated URL" also for non-default accounts. I too would really appreciate this, as it makes my working with Passwordmaker even more smooth.,1385.msg1280493.html#msg1280493,1559.0.html

The reason for me is that I organized my accounts in groups for companies I work for, and in user names (having a different entry in the Username field).
Are there any plans to integrate such feature in the FF (Browsers) AddOn?
Oh, and thanks for this great little gem. Best regards


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well, you've clearly done your research.

however, passwordmaker is kind of in a "feature-freeze" mode. There don't seem to be many developers stepping up to continue its development. I will always make sure it works with new versions of Firefox, but unless someone else helps, it's "feature complete".


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