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Minor chages for multiple users


first of all, thanks for your work, it's really great and useful.
What I'd like to give under consideration are some changes for easier use of PasswordMaker for multiple users - i.e. when two people (let's call them John and Martha) use the same websites. Since we obviously don't want them to have the same passwords and making separate settings for each website is annoying to say the list, my ideas are:

- make multiple "default" settings - that way on an undefined site there'd be a choice between - in our example - John and Martha; that way there'd be no need to define most websites in settings, and it's still just as secure since they have different master passwords

- add "save this site as advanced setting" option would take away the pain of having to define each website that has a different login; I know, I can do it by opening PasswordMaker options, but it would be so much easier if I could just click this option and have a "new setting" window pop up (this would force adding a "others" category, since no setting can have no category assigned)

These two miner changes would make a lot of difference, especially the first one.
Please, consider implementing them. I guess that wouldn't be that much work, but would make a difference.

If implementing the first one would be a pain, maybe it would be easier to make a setting in the advanced settings, which now works per website. It would require a change in the field with the text based n which a password is created, so that it could (as it is in default setting) generated based n the website it's used on.

Let me know whether you like the idea or if anything is not clear.

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