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iPhone edition Black Screen since 1.34 update

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I've only gotten a black screen when I boot up the iPhone edition since the 10/19 1.34 update.

I'm using a 3rd gen iTouch 32GB, running iOS 4.1

I've tried deleting / reinstalling. Downloading / reinstalling.
No luck.

did it work before hand?  That version was an attempt to get the iPhone 3G(not S) and lower apple productions to work.  The previous versions wouldn't let them install(Since I updated it the software to work with the iPad)

Apple claims there are no crash reports either for that version.

Apple removed the simulator for that version of the iPod Touch as well, and I don't own one, so I can't test locally.  I've been going back and forth with someone over email trying to figure it out, but so far no luck.

If you want, you coudl try to sync your iPod Touch with iTunes and see if there is a crash log for me to look at, this is how to get to the crash logs:
You can email me the crash log if any of them exist for PasswordMaker: jstaplet <at> tasermonkeys.com

It had worked great beforehand -- all thru the OS 3 - OS4 conversion and other PWM updates ... but since this update, when I start PWM, it boots to a black screen. (Sometimes there's a flash of white-screen before).
It doesn't exactly crash back to the Home screen, just stays black.
I can exit the black screen by pressing the home button.

It displays in the recent applications menu for application switching, too. (If that matters)

I will see if I can get you a crash report.
Anything I can do to help a great product.

EDIT: Added text in italics.

Thanks for the link.

There's no recent crash reports.
I have them from 3/22/10, 4/22/10 & 4/26/10
That's all. :(

What can I do to help?

James, I saw you had submitted the 1.4 update - I was hopeful!

Unfortunately, no go for me.
Still get a black screen on launch.

What can I do to help?

I'm much easier to contact across email, just PM me & I'll help how I can.


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