Author Topic: Master Password same as yours? do we share the same pass's for everything???  (Read 4499 times)

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Does anyone who has the same master password as myself with default modules selected have the same passwords for all accounts as I do??? at all places that Iam a member of???

if this is the case perhaps there could be an extra field which would ask for a word/phrase to be input , and the final hash calculated from both MP and this field.


I understand that the username(s) will be needed for the passwords to be effective.

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Only if both of you do not add your username to the account settings (Defaults, or a custom account), as it is used to generate the password.

I don't even use the Defaults anymore for anything.

Why are you concerned? Unless BOTH of you are using some kind of extremely plain MP (ie, 12345), but are instead using your head and using a phrase/character scheme for your MP - and not telling anyone else what phrase you use - there is nothing to worry about.
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The likelihood of you have the same passwords as someone else is too remote to consider.

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