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ok .. missed your portable version Yep would have said it from the beginning .. my post total waste of everyone's time. must apologize. you are welcome to remove the thread I created .. Peace ::)

I know that many years ago used me to a program that learns to recognize how I write "pace," etc. .. to recognize me as a user if this is a trick that may be of more benefit, I admin

"One important issue faced by companies is to secure their information and resources from intrusion. For accessing a resource almost every system uses the approach of assigning a unique username and a password to all legitimate users. This approach has a major drawback. If an Intruder gets the above information then he can become a big threat for the company and its resources. To strengthen the computer security there are several biometric methods for identity verification which are based on the human body's unique characteristics and behavior including fingerprint, face recognition, retina scan and signatures. However most of these techniques are expensive and requires the installation of additional hardware.

This thesis focuses on keystroke dynamics as an identity verification, which are based on the user's unique habitual typing rhythm. This technique is not just looking for what the user types but also how he types. This method does not require additional hardware to be installed and are therefore rather inexpensive to implement. This thesis will discuss how identity verification through keystroke characteristics can be made, what have been done in this area and give advantages and disadvantage of the technique "

good idea  :o


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