Author Topic: 'Prompt for Master Password' per account setting & in-page 'Populate' button  (Read 5961 times)

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Hi, first up I think this extension is great, I have migrated from Password Hasher because of the ability to auto generate a 'hashed' password without entering the master password/storing of the master password.

That being said, there are some sites where I don't want it to be able to auto generate a password (such as paypal, online banking etc) just in case someone happens to come along and figure out they can right click->PasswordMaker->Populate this Field etc. Forum's etc I'm not too worried about, but those other sites I am. Now, I had a look and tried some stuff in the settings but couldn't find a way of doing this (although if there is I'd appreciate being shown how).

As of now, I have it not remembering the master password, but I figured something like create an account (for e.g. paypal) and under settings have a check box 'Prompt for Master Password'. When you go to the site and right click->PasswordMaker->Populate this Field or Coolkey, then it brings up the prompt to enter the master password, rather than automatically filling in the field. Is something like this possible?

Also, as I said I was using Password Hasher ( before, and that extension actually created a button next to password fields that you clicked that brought up it's menu/prompt. Would it possible for something similar. It would save going through the context menu. Maybe two buttons, one for Populate this Field, and another for the Coolkey?

If these get added to the FR list, then it would be good if I could put a vote for each.

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Hmmm... I guess what you mean is an option to:

'Always prompt for Master Password, regardless of whether its is stored in Memory or On Disk'

I guess I can see the argument, but you can always simply lock your workstation too, and/or not leave Firefox open when it is vulnerable.

But yes, as a failsafe, I kind of like the idea, but as always, it will be up to Eric...

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