Author Topic: Fails to populate login credentials in multiple tabs/pages at FF3 startup  (Read 6172 times)

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PasswordMaker behavior changed between FF2 and FF3 when FF opens multiple tabs/pages requesting login credentials at FF startup. V1.7.2 and all previous versions compatible with FF3 sequentially display master password query pop-ups for multiple tabs/pages awaiting login credentials during start. However, the login credentials are only populated on the last tab/page in the tab set, irrespective of the order in which the master password query pop-ups appeared.

For FF2, page loading was interrupted when the master password query pop-up appeared for the first tab/page to request login info. Then was interrupted again until the master password was provided for the second tab/page and this repeated until the master password had been provided for all tabs/pages that requested login credentials. All tabs were populated correctly although page loading was slowed by the interruptions.

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