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Greetings from Leon Springs, Texas,

I have discovered a NEW feature that can be used without causing any damage, for me that is NEW.

To set your 'Groups' in Alphabetical order:
  #1 Select the one to be at the top and add a 'space bar' empty space after the title.
       PWM will place that at the very bottom.
  #2 Select the next one in line alphabetically and add the same operation as before.
       Again PWM will do the same, below the previous one you added the blank space.
  #3 Guess what?  continue until you have them in whatever order you select, most used at the top or Alphabetical or even Numeric.
If any changes are made to the titles of any of your groups that one will be placed at the very bottom again so be careful about making any changes to the titles after you have them in the order you like.

Edited by LkOnKbd> Just discovered below:

   #4 This goes with the instructions above^> Those blank spaces you add after the title, do not worry about them because PWM
         truncates them and you can just keep adding until they are in the order you want.  One last point, your list will get shorter
         and shorter as you place them at the bottom so you will have less to review to find the next one.

Another NEW feature:
 #1 If you have more than one 'Account' in any 'Group' all you need to do is find the one you want at the top, if it is not there, and  left click HOLDing the button down, drag and drop it, any where within the same 'Account' list. PWM will place it at the bottom of that 'Account' not the bottom of the list of 'Groups'.
  #2 Select the next one and do the same as before and it will be placed at the bottom.
  #3 If you make an ERROR and get one out of order, NOT a problem, before doing any other just select the one that is ahead and
       should be farther down the list or below the bottom one just move it down as before.

Another Edit by LkOnKbd> This is a modification of the "Groups" reordering or setting in whatever order you so desire.
Excuse me, this is a work in progress:
     Just discovered you do NOT need the blank spaces as mentioned in the first part of this rambling message.  Just either click the
      OK radio button or press enter after double clicking on one of the groups and PWM will move it to the Bottom of the list.



No need to rename them - just DRAG-N-DROP an account, as if you were going to move it - and it will pop to the bottom of the list.

I've known about this foible for a long time, but I'm really, REALLY looking forward to the ability to sort them on column headers - or even better, to have a 'QuickFilter' text box I can type in and have it filter the list of available accounts to ones that match the string...

This is my biggest usability issue right now, seeing as I have about 140 accounts in 5 groups now...

Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
I'm in the process of only if my defaults don't work, I make an account. I need to go through some accounts and kill them at some point.

I wish I could...

Now, if my favorite Feature Request was implemented, I could whittle this down to 5 or so...



--- Quote from: Miquel 'Fire' Burns on August 05, 2008, 08:50:42 PM ---I'm in the process of only if my defaults don't work, I make an account. I need to go through some accounts and kill them at some point.

--- End quote ---

Miquel, Tanstaafl & Eric,

As for my request for being able to Alphabetize the Groups & Accounts, can be placed on hold because of what I had just discovered.  I just spent the last 3 or 4 days redoing my list of Groups and accounts manually and plan later today to do some testing to see how successful that operation was, this account seems to checkout so have some confidence.  Just had some difficulties with some of my more IMPORTANT accounts that need some reviewing and maybe adjustments.
Thank you for reading all of my posts and not being so hard on me for my STUPID trick that did NOT work,


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