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For those who still don't understand patterns



Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
Actually, I think most will fail with PasswordMaker. Notice how none of the patterns have the http:// part? Well, that is required to be in the pattern for PasswordMaker (wildcard can start with a *, but that is a VERY dangerous thing to do)

Eric H. Jung:
Interesting link, anyway. Might want to steal some of their docs :)  [modified for the way passwordmaker works]

PasswordMaker is a great software, but the tutorial is a high technic for end users. Actually, end users normally don't want to know the technic behind.  We just want to know something like this..."If I want to do task A, then push bottom X", "If I want to do task B, then push bottom Y". As for why X or Y, and how X or Y works, those things can be expained in a separate doc in case anybody really wish to know.

Eric H. Jung:
yes, i agree, and i think some of the docs that talk about the history of PasswordMaker (like "this was the first version to do... ") are unnecessary.


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