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Backing up your passwords


hello I love passwordmaker and what it can makes life so much easier for all the sites that I have to log into. But i am still  having problems. I am about to do a clean install of my OS (ubuntu) and need to back up my passwords. I used the export settings on the file menu which then gives me the option of saving as an RDF or HTML. I choose RDF and then save this file on my memory stick.
after that i set up a guest user account on the system and installed the firefox pswd extension. when I use the import file command to import my backed up password settings, i get the message that it can't import because the file is xml !!Does anybody have an answer as to what I am doing wrong? I am sure it isn't hard but I am a bit frustrated by it all. thanks Garry

Eric H. Jung:

I haven't confirmed the bug yet, but I wanted to give you another way to do the import so you can get your passwords back. Copy the passwordmaker.rdf file on your thumdrive to the firefox profile.. Overwrite the existing passwordmaker.rdf if one is there (there should be if you've installed PasswordMaker and used it at least once). Restart Firefox and everything should be good.



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