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FingerPrint Scanner


Does this work with fingerprint scanners? Also which ones?

Eric H. Jung:

No, PasswordMaker does not work with fingerprint scanners.

"So what is the problem with the fingerprint reader, apart from that we are heading towards a 1984-society? fingerprint reader is completely ineffective.They go to fool with a tejpbit and other simple tricks. There is no security at all in the use of a fingerprint reader. Equipment for fingerprint identification, costing hundreds of thousands of crowns can also be deceiving with simple means.

Why is it so good for the police?The answer is obviously that they often have the person in front of them when taking fingerprints. When we move the responsibility to identify the man with a machine so that whole concept. Fingerprints are also simple to copy. For example, from a glass that someone used.They can then be used to forge someone else's identity. "


Eric H. Jung:


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