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'Manual' Mode
« on: July 26, 2005, 04:29:20 PM »
Because this feature request has morphed yet again, I created this new thread, and will post a final reply to the old/closed topic pointing to this one.

I have also added a short Summary of this feature request (with a link to this thread) to the 'Feature Priority' thread -

per Erics request.

I tried to keep it as short and succinct as possible, but the changes being requested are extensive enough that I didn't see how to make it any shorter without leaving lots of room for confusion and misunderstandings.

One of the things that threw me when first starting to use PM was, if I have 'auto-populate' disabled, and click on the PM icon (or press ctrl~) while on a page that has a login field, PM simply opens in 'PM Accounts Settings' mode. This totally confused me, because what I was unconsciously expecting was a 'manual mode' type of behavior - and that's what I would like to see added - essentially, just some changes to the way PM works when 'auto-populate' is disabled, which I am proposing to call 'Manual Mode'.


In order for this to work intuitively, I worked out the behavior as best I can on paper. There are three parts to these changes:

A.) Toolbar icon/button functionality changes,
B.) One new option (and four sub-options), and a slight modification of Auto-populate behavior, and
C.) Modifications to 'Prompt' window, for entering Master Password and possibly editing the URL prefix field (which is auto-populated with the username by default):

A.) Toolbar Icon/Button Functionality changes - multiple functions in one button

A.1.) With 'Auto-Populate' Enabled ('Auto' Mode):

A.1.a.) Default (left-click) button behavior = Re-populate fields (username/password, etc) - keyboard equiv = ctrl~
Alternate functionality from menu pop-up:
A.1.b.) Choice1 = Disable 'Auto-populate' mode
A.1.c.) Choice2 = Add Account for this URL
(opens PM Account Settings Window, with a new Account pre-populated with current URL info, ready to be completed)
A.1.d.) Choice3 = Open PM Account Settings Window (current button behavior)

A.2.) With 'Auto-populate' Disabled (what I call 'Manual' mode):

A.2.a.) Default button behavior = auto-populate fields (keyboard equiv = ctrl~)
Alternate functionality from menu pop-up:
A.2.b.) Choice1 = Enable 'Auto-populate' mode
A.2.c.) Choice2 = Add Account for this URL
A.2.d.) Choice3 = Open PM Account Settings Window

Of course, there should also be keyboard shortcut equivalents assignable for each of these behaviors.

There are three obvious possibilities for providing access to the menu choices via mouse: right-click, long-click, and clicking on a black downward pointing triangle on right side of icon, a-la 'Get New Messages' toolbar button in Thunderbird. Any/all of them would be fine with me.

B.) New Options, and Modification of Auto-Populate behavior

B.1.) New Option: URL Components > 'Custom URL Prefix''
New sub-options for same:
B.1.a.) Pre-populate with 'contents of 'Username' field
(if what I heard Eric say before is true, and PM currently does use the username when calculating the password, leaving this option unchecked should result in PM *not* using the 'Username' in said calculations)
B.1.b.) Append '@' symbol (maybe this should be automatic if option b is checked?)
B.1.c.) prompt Only if no Account Defined Username exists
B.1.d.) Always prompt for Username (c & d should be mutually exclusive, no?) - Prompt' window opens with contents of 'Custom URL prefix' field already populated according to prefs, and already selected, so all I have to do is type the different username if a change is desired.

The reason I need B.1.d functionality is for managing multiple users for any given domain - I still may have a default username (an administrator username), and use it 70% of the time, but I also still need the option of entering a different username fairly often.

C.) Modified 'Prompt' Window for populating fields

Add the following to the 'Master Password Prompt' pop-up window:

Editable text box (if 'Custom URL Prefix' option is checked), that is pre-populated with the Username field (if that option is checked).

And again, this window would only pop-up under certain conditions:

C.1.) if the Master Password needs to be entered,
C.2.) if option B.1.c is checked and condition met, or
C.3.) if option B.1.d is checked.

Ok, hopefully this isn't too confusing to anyone. I'd appreciate any comments (am I crazy? Am I the only one who is using PM to manage passwords for a lot of other people?)...

Thanks for listening.


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'Manual' Mode
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2005, 08:23:07 PM »
(am I crazy? Am I the only one who is using PM to manage passwords for a lot of other people?)...

Yes.  :D

Maybe you can contract Eric out on the side to create this beast.  I kind of enjoy the simplicity of PM as it is now.   ;)

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'Manual' Mode
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2005, 08:58:03 PM »
(am I crazy? Am I the only one who is using PM to manage passwords for a lot of other people?)...

Yes. biggrin.gif

heh... I *knew* it!... thanks for confirming my suspicions... ;)

But seriously, there is only one aspect of my suggestion that adds to the basic complexity of PM - and only if you actually *use* it - and that is the 'Custom URL prefix' but again - if you don't check the option, you'll never notice it.

Otherwise, just the basic 'Manual' mode functionality I think would actually make PM *simpler* to use for all intents and purposes.

Regardless, Eric has said that he sees the benefit, and is willing to implement it once he gets time, so I'm happy to wait.

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'Manual' Mode
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