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Problem populating password box
« on: August 29, 2006, 03:13:32 PM »
I've had a couple of sites cause problems recently. I'll try to describe the latest one in a way that might even be understandable:

1. Go to the site.
2. Go to the registration page.
3. Create a new account in PasswordMaker; the PWM URL boxes show that PWM recognizes the correct URL.
4. Enter the password in both boxes using the context-menu "populate" command.
5. Try to proceed to next page in the registration process; get returned to the previous page, which shows an error message stating that the password cannot contain any symbols.
5a. Go to PWM, ascertain that the generated password does not contain any symbols, as I had already changed the "characters" setting in PWM.
5b. Using the mouse, copy the generated password into both boxes; that password was accepted.

My master password does contain at least one symbol. Thus, my question: Is it possible that, even though I was in the new account setup in PWM, that PWM was actually entering my master password rather than the one generated for this account? If so, why, and if so, how do I prevent this in the future?

I have a feeling--not knowledge, just a feeling--that I've had the same problem after registering with a few other sites that, when later trying to log on to them, that PWM was sending the wrong password. That is because, when then copying the site-specific generated password with the mouse into the password box on the site, I could then log on.

[A few minutes later] Having confirmed the registration via the email sent from the site, I continue to find that PWM is sending the wrong password. I have to go into PWM and copy the correct password manually into the password box on the site. To compound the problem, I then cannot get PWM to recognize the site's password box, so that I cannot create an auto-populate entry to send the correct password.

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Problem populating password box
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