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Current options/solutions for syncing between two computers?

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Eric H. Jung:
OK, thanks for the update.


sorry for taking this old thread, but the subject perfectly fit my needs.
I use passwordmaker on my desktop and on an USB-stick with PortableApps.
My problem: When adding an entry on the desktop, and later add another entry in the mobile, how can I sync them ? If I only export one of them and import the settings to the other, I loose the newly added entry there, right ?
Any solutions for this ?

Thank you in advance !


Eric H. Jung:
Hi Dirk,

Unfortunately, there's no synching mechanism. I'd recommend you always use the USB device. Perhaps other people have different suggestions.


This is a non-technical..... poor man's solution....

I've been exploring DropBox as a way of sharing files between computers.... work and home to be specific. It has been working just great and works for importing and exporting passwords from PWM.... When you export the file to your DropBox (a local folder on your machine monitored by the DropBox app.) it is send to there site. From there all other machines associated with that account get the copy on their DropBoxes when they are used.

An account with them is free for a 2 gig limit.

Now if I could get PWM to update the file in my dropbox automatically or if I could get it to read from its source that I could change the location for.... we have it made.

Eric H. Jung:
nice idea. thanks for the suggestion. i'll give dropbox a try.


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