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Current options/solutions for syncing between two computers?

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A better option would be SugarSync, although it doesn't have a Linux version (yet - since it has a Mac OSX version, I would imagine/hope they are working on Linux support)...

The downside to Dropbox is it syncs only one folder. SugarSync lets you define multiple folders, among other things.

It also has lots of mobile options (see above link): iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry. Android

It's free version gives you 2GB, but has a few limitations - only two PCs (but you still get mobile support), and only two versions (yes it supports multiple versions), and the paid versions are reasonably priced - the most expensive is the 250GB plan, for $25/mo or $250/yr.

I haven't tried it yet but I'm planning to do so soon.

Window's "Live Mesh" is also free and syncs among many computers.  The drawback with passwordmaker however is when you are away from the typical computers (home/ office) which have been configured.  There are times when you are out in the public sector (airports, hotels, etc) when you need to access the system using other computers.  In order to log-in with passwords you need to import the RDF file for non default accounts before generating the passwords.  It would be simpler to go to a website, pull down the bookmark and have Passwordmaker begin the password generation, filling in the remaining inputs, much like LastPass or equiv.  The drawback with programs such as LassPass is that the encrypted password files exist on some website.

Another system used by RoboForm are bookmarklets which allow users to add when browsing on unfamiliar computers per session.  The bookmarklets, once logged off, erase the session cache, etc., leaving the computer without any vital information.  Perhaps PasswordMaker can adapt this feature.

Miquel 'Fire' Burns:
Click Edition is the bookmarklet version of PasswordMaker.

For RDF importing, nothing exists. I know I was planning on combining the Javascript and PHP edition so that the PHP part could handle the RDF importing into the Javascript edition (maybe with a login system so not anyone can use your settings). I might see about having it so that the bookmarklet version could reference the RDF in some way (both would require you to use your own host for RDF importing)


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