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Current options/solutions for syncing between two computers?

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I've seen some old threads about this topic, but couldn't find any answers. Does anyone have a working solution for syncing between two computers? I have Firefox running on two macs (home and work) and using Google Browser Sync which is great, but I don't think that keeps my pasword file in sync and I'd like to make sure that it is.


Eric H. Jung:

There's the upload/download capability so you can manually sync, but no automated way yet.

Hmm. I seem to be having problems connecting to my WebDav disc via Password Maker. It gives me an obscure error message: 0x193. What might be wrong? I've checked the path and the username/password, they all seem correct.

Eric H. Jung:
Hm, does FTP work for you?

I realized I posted my reply to this to someone elses thread in the bug forum.;#entry1278786


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