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« on: May 25, 2006, 10:04:21 PM »

Anyone interested in helping me test Caspian's work on the new PasswordMaker Online/Javascript edition? It's located here. Please note it uses a new cookie so any settings you have from the production online edition won't be used.

The enhancements he added are Save settings should be optional and Checkbox for setting font and background colors of generated password to be the same.


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« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2006, 12:34:16 AM »
Has the previous version been tested for bugs? Both editions (old and new) have a problem in my Microsoft Internet Explorers 6.0.2900 and 6.0.3790 on two different OS.

I'm NOT able to edit the Characters input box other than adding or removing characters at the end. The other input boxes work fine. It's the same problem in the downloadable html/javascript edition. The cursor ALWAYS jumps to the end. This behaviour is quite different from any of the other input boxes.

Optical problem:
the text inside the input boxes isn't nicely aligned, it's too low. The text is sitting on the bottom line of the input boxes, the upper half is white.

In firefox there's a problem too, in the same input box:

As soon as I release any key, the field of view of the characters input box ALWAYS jumps to the beginning when I try to edit something. That makes it very hard to edit the end of the set.

When I delete the onkeyup/onkeydown/onkeypress events, both bugs are gone (then it's nicely editable in IE6 and firefox), but the keyword only gets generated after leaving the field. I could live with that.

I strongly suggest to make the Characters input box a multi line text box!

The enhancements work fine, though. In IE 6 "Make password invisible" doesn't work instantly like in Firefox, only after changing to another field. Is there any easy way to make a button "Copy password to clipboard"?

I'm thinking, maybe it's better to make the checkbox "Save preferences" the other way, to check it if you DON'T want to save the settings and clear any previous cookie. Because to PREVENT the cookie and CLEAR it is a bigger action, than to allow it to be saved. When you're in an internet cafe, you keep the cookie as long as you're there and revisit that page, and before leaving you once tell it to clear any cookie. In my eyes that's better than to tell the browser to create a cookie by checking the box, and when you want enhanced security you just don't check it.
It's also not obvious that any previously created cookie will be deleted.

Alternatively you could let it check whether a cookie is available, if there's none make the default behaviour to NOT save the cookie, and only if a cookie is available keep the cookie, unless the checkbox is cleared by the user. That way it would be a more conscious action for the user to use that cookie on that machine, and later he doesn't have to worry about whether he forgot to clear the cookie the last time he visited the page.

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« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2006, 03:07:01 AM »
i've done some testing and wanted to report that everything is functionally fine so far. the testing is not exhaustive, but better to have some info rather than none, right?!

here's a brief run-down of the conditions:
os: winxp
browser: firefox

there were variences in URL, Length of Generated Password, Username, Modifier, Characters, and Password Prefix. note that there were no changes in Use l33t, l33t Level, Hash Algorithm, or Suffix.

some details not specific to testing... should the proto page be labled as such so folks know that they're not on the regular page? the tips button yields "Sorry, page not found." the characters box drives me nuts. i end up copying the strings i use to a text document and then pasting in the appropriate one as needed. i can't stand hot weather.

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