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Other Editions - Feature Requests / Enhancements / Re: Request to Update password-cli
« Last post by cord on January 03, 2024, 07:59:20 PM »
In the meantime Yavor Doganov <[email protected]> has provided a patch at

(i'd attach it here, but the forum provides an "internal errror" then.
Other Editions - Feature Requests / Enhancements / Request to Update password-cli
« Last post by cord on June 30, 2023, 10:33:37 AM »

I'm packaging passwordmaker-cli for Debian [1] (which is also used by its derivates [2])

Now the project decided to get rid of the obsolete pcre-library [3], which will result in the removal of passwordmaker-cli from the distribution with the next major release.

So my question is if you consider to update passwordmaker-cli to use pcre2.  [4]

If you consider to do an update, I'd also like to ask to include these patches [5] and check if it is possible to also replace the discontinued tinyxml[6] with the actively developed tinyxml2 [7]

Finally the current archive for PWM-cli contains things that are not needed to build the package like dll's, executables and 3rdparty-software, which we (as in Debian) have to delete to satisfy our Debian Free Software Guideline [8]. It would be nice if that could be fixed too.

Yes, that's a lot, if you have questions, remarks regarding the package, just ping me. I'm happy to help there, but i don't have the skills to fix the things i mentioned above.

thank you,

Other Editions - Bugs / I am the new one
« Last post by LorenzaBar on January 15, 2023, 10:15:28 AM »
You said that adequately!
Added references to it on the Wiki.
Sorry, I completely forgot to update here:
The Sailfish App has been released in the Sailfish OS App Store.
I did not find any way to link to it though, as it seems that the app store is only browsable with the respective Sailfish app...
I've finally uploaded version 0.1.0 to OpenRepos:
The app is now also in cert by Jolla, and with a bit of luck it will soon hit the Jolla Harbour.
News on the Sailfish app:

Since I'm reasonably confident that the logic is now mostly correct, I've uploaded version 0.1.0 of the core logic of the app to, so other people can easily re-use it in their own Rust projects if they want to:

The first test version of the Sailfish app is now also basically done, and I'm aiming for an upload to openrepos and submission to the Sailfish Store QA at some point later this week.
(A friend kindly offered to contribute some visual assets for the app, and I'm currently waiting for them. Code-wise it's already finished and won't see any changes any more before release - unless bugs are discovered.)

I've now uploaded the current state of the source code to github, and am planning to submit a first test version to the Sailfish Store ("Harbour") as soon as I have an icon for it and added a German localization.

The two github repositories are PassFish, which is the GUI part, and passwordmaker-rs, which is the actual logic.

Both are far from finished, and I'm planning to still increase code quality after the initial test version is out.

I'll keep you updated regarding the submission to the Sailfish Store (aka: official test version release).
I'll add it to the wiki when you're done.
Thanks a lot!

One of the reasons I started that project was that I wanted to learn to write Rust code, so I did intentionally not reuse the C++ parts of the Qt implementation.
I do actually already have a working prototype of the code, and all that's still missing for pushing a first version to github is the actual separation of the business logic from the UI.

Before it is ready to be actually released as version 1.0 it still needs some polishing of the code and some visual improvements though. Also some integration tests that compare the results of some known-to-be-tricky inputs with PasswordMaker Pro.
That's however all possible after having the draft of the source code online.
(I'll of course link the github as soon as the source code pushed.)

My main question however still is if it's OK for you if I publish it?
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