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Hi there!

Great tool to use for highly secure passwords  8)

Unfortunately, not all versions provide generating same password length.
The (Windows v0.4 BETA) Desktop Edition is able to generate max.  99 characters.
The online (Javascript)-Tool is able to generate max. 999 characters.
I bet there are more differences with the other platform versions.

Please extend the Desktop Edition (Win) of PasswordMaker (adapt it to all others), so that passwords can be generated with a length of more than 99 characters.

I wanna use PasswordMaker heavily in the future (Win-Edition, CLI, linux, Javascript). But for different reasons, such like flexibility, it is important to always be able to generate the same password (length), obviously.

Another suggestion:

An option to TURN OFF the requirement of the "characters" input selection to always have the same characters in same order, to be able to generate the same passwords over again.

My intention is to always use the same character selection, but don't want them in the exactly same order every time.

Do you think this makes sense?

PasswordMaker is alive! Keep it going! Thanks.
Other / Re: Is this forum still alive?
« Last post by Miquel 'Fire' Burns on May 23, 2018, 12:18:08 AM »
Yea, there's been nothing new. I check every day mainly to see if anyone has questions that I can answer (and if there's spam stuff I need to deal with)
Other / Is this forum still alive?
« Last post by Fire Alarms on May 22, 2018, 09:53:51 PM »
I'm just checking the old accounts that I had, to see who is still using these pages and if there was new information
Thanks!  8)
Other / Re: Where "R" "U" ? ? ? I'm BACK!
« Last post by Fire Alarms on May 22, 2018, 09:45:27 PM »
Testing 123  8)
Other / Re: PDF need spell checker
« Last post by Fire Alarms on January 23, 2018, 03:31:17 PM »
testing 1 2 3... 8)
I, myself, don't support any Password Maker product. I just support the web site now.
My understanding of your responses here tells me you DO NOT support the "Password Maker Pro" that is now being used in FF v57.0.3, latest version.  Am I correct?
'Miquel Fire Burns,',

Had to remove Fire
Fox and all folders and use a different install program and now have FFv57.0.2 with PasswordMaker Pro v0.8.5.2 AND still any import of the 'RDF' shows up and when saved NOTHING shows when using the GOLD RING to to do the input of Master Password and other entries in the POPUP box nor under "OPTIONS" only 1. Default and 2. Alphanumeric are the only items to select from.  NONE that I saved show plus when completely redoing any single webpage I need to login show as being done AND SAVED yet when using said creation that was saved there is NOTHING there.  Only the two (2) numbered above.
"Miquel 'Fire' Burns,'

Am back on the 'PasswordMaker Pro' AND still not having any luck with the import of the RDF.  My Firefox has been updated to the latest version 57.0.2 and that has not been any HELP!  The Master Password is NOT matching' the profiles are not being shown to make a selection; cannot remove any profile/profiles that are not to be used in this new setup.

Which version are you supporting any way?

Edited by LkOnKbd corrected the spelling of "proviles" to "profiles" thank you for reading my post!  Also realize most of our problems are with the Mozilla FireFox Team doing the programing.
"Miquel 'Fire' Burns,'

Cannot get this Password Maker Pro to duplicate the password for your site.  Will be out of pocket for a period of time, not sure how long.  May need to transfer back to the PasswordMaker X it is much more simple to use, IMHO!

Edited by: LkOnKbd,
Well it seems the above referenced is tooo simple.  Back with the "PasswordMaker Pro" for more testing.  Which are you suporin here or neither one?  Am I confused?
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