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« Last post by Fire Alarms on January 23, 2018, 03:31:17 PM »
testing 1 2 3... 8)
I, myself, don't support any Password Maker product. I just support the web site now.
My understanding of your responses here tells me you DO NOT support the "Password Maker Pro" that is now being used in FF v57.0.3, latest version.  Am I correct?
'Miquel Fire Burns,',

Had to remove Fire
Fox and all folders and use a different install program and now have FFv57.0.2 with PasswordMaker Pro v0.8.5.2 AND still any import of the 'RDF' shows up and when saved NOTHING shows when using the GOLD RING to to do the input of Master Password and other entries in the POPUP box nor under "OPTIONS" only 1. Default and 2. Alphanumeric are the only items to select from.  NONE that I saved show plus when completely redoing any single webpage I need to login show as being done AND SAVED yet when using said creation that was saved there is NOTHING there.  Only the two (2) numbered above.
"Miquel 'Fire' Burns,'

Am back on the 'PasswordMaker Pro' AND still not having any luck with the import of the RDF.  My Firefox has been updated to the latest version 57.0.2 and that has not been any HELP!  The Master Password is NOT matching' the profiles are not being shown to make a selection; cannot remove any profile/profiles that are not to be used in this new setup.

Which version are you supporting any way?

Edited by LkOnKbd corrected the spelling of "proviles" to "profiles" thank you for reading my post!  Also realize most of our problems are with the Mozilla FireFox Team doing the programing.
"Miquel 'Fire' Burns,'

Cannot get this Password Maker Pro to duplicate the password for your site.  Will be out of pocket for a period of time, not sure how long.  May need to transfer back to the PasswordMaker X it is much more simple to use, IMHO!

Edited by: LkOnKbd,
Well it seems the above referenced is tooo simple.  Back with the "PasswordMaker Pro" for more testing.  Which are you suporin here or neither one?  Am I confused?
"Senior Miquel 'Fire' Burns,'

I have been working with "Password Maker-X by emersion," or something like that.  Have the "Password Maker Pro" on my desktop and have done the copy/paste into a TXT file of the 'RDF' and did the 'Import' thingy and have a very long list of passwords, approx. 280, and some thing I did has placed a password into 'Selected Profile:' that is not wanted; to be deleted.  How do I remove any that are not wanted?

Also, this is being done from my LapTop, have gotten your password to your forums to work on this machine.  Have been avoiding the update to my desktop until today, it updated against my wishes.  Have other issues to contend with, not related to PM'r.

Edited by: LkOnKbd,

May we select specific passwords to be imported and ignore others?
Senior Miquel 'Fire' Burns,

If you can remember, I have been with and using "PM" for many years.  I am using the v1.7.8 in FF v56.0 32bit on my desktop within Win7 Professional SP1 64bit with all of the latest updates.

This version of "PM" under Menu/Files/Import settings/Export settings/Print settings yet when attempting to use either the "Export" or the "Print" nothing takes place.  Am  trying to move my settings for my extensive collection of passwords to a TXT file so maybe they can be used in my laptop as well.

What you mention in your post about the RDF file being copy/pasted into a TXT box of Password Maker addon seems to NOT work. I am wanting to do the reverse of this operation so maybe it can be transferred to FF v57.0 and the newer version of Password Maker.  Otherwise these 104 passwords will need be all redone, manually, for this new version of FF.
How are you "exporting"?

Last I checked, other versions of PasswordMaker that supported importing the RDF file normally required you to open the RDF file in a text editor, then copy and paste the content into a textbox in the extension.

As I haven't been using it myself, I haven't had a reason to look for a compatible version.
Senior Miquel 'Fire' Burns,
Still working with the new FF v57.x attempting to get Password Maker to work for me.  So far not successful, will this require re-establishing all of my passwords using the new version? 

Have attempted to 'Expoort' to a HTML file, nothing saved, also attempted to an RDF files as well without any success.  Am I to do this operation manually(?) one at a time and have reduced the number to 104 total in 25 groups or is there andother method?
Thank you for reading my message
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