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Title: New Accounts go Missing from Account List
Post by: compass152 on March 21, 2010, 05:42:44 AM
Some new accounts or copied accounts are missing from the account list when created.  They are not misplaced in a different group, just missing.

In a related problem, some missing accounts show up in Coolkey, but since they are not in the Accounts List, there is no way to delete or modify them.  Indeed, even accounts that have been deleted sometimes show up in Coolkey.

There is no pattern to this.  Sometimes I am able to create an account and find it in the Accounts List.  Other times the account goes missing.

I even tried deleting some infrequently used accounts (after backing up), thinking that there is a secret limit to the number of accounts allowed, to no avail.  I have around 70-100 accounts.

Is there a fix?