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Title: pb with user-provided password
Post by: tesces on February 14, 2010, 06:59:25 PM
I probably do something wrong by using "user-provided password".
I do as describ :

If I don't want to change all of my passwords, is PasswordMaker still a good choice?
Yes. PasswordMaker provides a secure method for encrypted storage of a specific, user-provided password for a custom Account. This way you can take advantage of PasswordMaker's other features (such as form completion) while still choosing your own passwords.
To set up a URL/site in this manner, simply go to the login page for the Account that you want to save the password for, create a new ...

So, when i open the url, PasswordMaker ask for the master password, and ... even if i cancel, it fill the field with username and "user-provided password", so, there is no protection.
Were am i wrong ?
Sorry for my bad english